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Be sure to check out each article and consider the hopes and dreams you would like to see brought to life.
• What’s Good About Good Friday? – In a powerful article about Good Friday, Richard explains what Jesus did the Friday before the resurrection that can cause us to call that day ‘good’.
• Embracing the Joy of Easter – Melissa Lee discusses both the joy of the holiday and the significance of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.
• 10 Steps to Becoming Fabulous – Enjoy a preview of Lindsay’s newest book before the release!
• Resurrecting Hopes and Dreams – In this uplifting message, Lindsay reminds us of God’s ability to breathe life into hopes and dreams that no longer seem possible.
• Easter Brunch Recipes – Check out these fun Easter-themed recipes from the MYDC Kitchen!

Be sure to check out each article, as you pray to establish the vision and plan God has for you this year! 

• New Year, (Re)New You!—Lindsay shares how you can write a clear vision for the new year with a plan of action that can help you accomplish it! Check out this powerful and practical guide based on Habakkuk 2:2!

• What’s Love Got To Do With It?— Melissa Lee dives into the topic of love –God’s love, and how we can look at Valentine’s Day in light of the everlasting love that God has for us.

• MYDC Recipes—Check out the White Chicken Chili and Broccoli Cheese Soup to delight your taste buds this winter.

• The Power of Love—Lindsay shares how God’s love can be our secret weapon to bring supernatural peace in time of stress and turmoil.

• The ABC’s of Thankfulness—Reminders of God’s goodness with every letter of the alphabet.

• MYDC Recipes—Delicious holiday cakes, cookies and muffins from the MYDC kitchen.

• Hope for the Holidays—Melissa Lee tells how an act of kindness can be the Christmas miracle that shines the light of God’s love this holiday season.

• Allow God to light up your life this Christmas—A timeless message of healing and hope by Oral Roberts.

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