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Lindsay Roberts

Lindsay Roberts is a minister, writer, editor, wife, mother, lifelong student of the Bible and host of the inspirational women’s television program, Make Your Day Count. Her Bible-based teaching is infused with humor, practical application and insight into the power of God’s Word for everyday living.

Melissa Lee

Melissa Lee is a wife, mother, and “Honey” to six grandchildren. She has a passion for teaching the Bible and sharing insights on how to live a fulfilling life through the Word. She is the co-host of Make Your Day Count, an inspirational women’s television program.

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The Company You Keep

by Lindsay Roberts

Today, it’s not just people we allow to influence our life, but additional positive and negative influences can also include TV, social media, music, books, etc.

The company you keep is the company that is keeping you…


Turn the page with Lindsay and Melissa on Bookmark!​

Join Lindsay and Melissa on Bookmark as they delve into inspirational books on topics such as courage, forgiveness, your value in Christ and the power of God. Along with uplifting and lively conversation, you will also find insightful interviews with many of the authors.

The Entirely Unconventional Podcast

Featuring encouraging, empowering messages, this podcast is designed to make you laugh, cry, relate and find purpose as Lindsay and Melissa share the unconventional life experiences God has brought them through, highlighting His ability to use imperfect people in His perfect plan.

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Entirely Unconventional with Lindsay Roberts
Entirely Unconventional with Lindsay Roberts

The Entirely Unconventional Podcast brings you into the author’s living room where she shares funny stories, brings words of encouragement and shows you your value in Christ. Hosted by Lindsay Roberts, this podcast will make you laugh, cry, relate and find purpose as Lindsay shares her unconventional experience in ministry and shows many examples of God using imperfect people for His perfect plan.

Supernatural Strength

What do you do when you dont feel strong and you really need to be? In this episode we discuss all that and more!

To get Lindsay’s new book go to www.discoveryourtruestrength.com

Supernatural Strength
Yes, No, Or Nothing At All
Strong Women Go To The Ball
Choosing Strength
Finding Your Strength To Succeed

Lindsay Roberts Sewing Centers

Lindsay Roberts’ Sewing Centers for women in the villages of central India provide a place where the women can learn a valuable trade and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We thank God that our centers are giving hope for the future to these precious women.

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Sewing Centers


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Discover Your True Worth

Becoming the Woman God Created You To Be

An encouraging and inspiring read for anyone who has ever prayed, failed, hoped, loved, lost, held on or walked away. Discover Your True Worth can help you discover who you are in Christ and show you your true worth through God’s eyes.

Bookcover with woman hiding behind flowers

order your copy of Discover Your True Strength today!

In her new book, Discover Your True Strength: Choosing to Thrive in the Midst of Life’s Challenges, Lindsay describes how, through the powerful love of God, strong women can think and act, listen and speak, respond and thrive!